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Yoshiyuki Shoji is an author.


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Developing WikiBOK: A Wiki-based BOK formulation-aid system Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering English 2012 The design and implementation of WikiBOK, a Wiki-based body of knowledge (BOK) formulation-aid system, is investigated in this paper. In contrast to formulating a BOK for a matured discipline such as computer science, BOK formulation for a new discipline such as social informatics needs a "bottom-up" approach because academics in a new discipline cannot draw its entire figure par avance. Therefore, an open collaboration approach based on the collective intelligence concept seems promising. WikiBOK is under development as part of our project based on BOK+, which is a novel BOK formulation principle for new disciplines. It uses Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) to facilitate its fundamental functions. To support a rich graphical user interface for WikiBOKers, a a graph visualization software, Graphviz, is adopted. SMW is enhanced to work in conjunction with Graphviz. Because edit conflicts occur when WikiBOKers collaborate, a resolution principle is investigated to resolve BOK tree edit conflicts. 0 0
A wiki-based collective intelligence approach to formulate a Body of Knowledge (BOK) for a new discipline Body of knowledge (BOK)
BOK constructor
Collective intelligence
Semantic MediaWiki (SMW)
WikiSym 2010 English 2010 This paper describes a wiki-based collective intelligence approach to provide a system environment that enables users to formulate a body of knowledge (BOK) for a new discipline, such as social informatics. When the targeted discipline is mature, for example, computer science, its BOK can be straightforwardly formulated by a task force using a top-down approach. However, in the case of a new discipline, it is presumed that nobody has a comprehensive understanding of it; therefore, the formulation of BOK in such a field can be carried out using a bottom-up approach. In other words, a collective intelligence approach supporting such work seems promising. This paper proposes the BOK+ which is a novel BOK formulation principle for new disciplines. To realize this principle, the BOK Constructor is designed and prototyped where Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is used to provide its basic functions. The BOK Constructor consists of a BOK Editor, SMW, Uploader, and BOK Miner. Most of the fundamental functions of the BOK Constructor, with the exception of the BOK Miner, were implemented. We validated that the BOK Constructor serves its intended purpose. 0 0
Collective intelligence approach for formulating a BOK of social informatics, an interdisciplinary field of study Body of knowledge
Collaborative document
Collective intelligence
Semantic MediaWiki
Social informatics
WikiSym English 2009 This presentation shows a collective intelligence approach for formulating a body of knowledge (BOK) of social informatics (SI), a relatively new interdisciplinary field of study, by implementing a BOK constructor based on Semantic MediaWiki. Copyright 0 0