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Xuan Zhao is an author.


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Encoding document semantic into binary codes space Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2014 We develop a deep neural network model to encode document semantic into compact binary codes with the elegant property that semantically similar documents have similar embedding codes. The deep learning model is constructed with three stacked auto-encoders. The input of the lowest auto-encoder is the representation of word-count vector of a document, while the learned hidden features of the deepest auto-encoder are thresholded to be binary codes to represent the document semantic. Retrieving similar document is very efficient by simply returning the documents whose codes have small Hamming distances to that of the query document. We illustrate the effectiveness of our model on two public real datasets - 20NewsGroup and Wikipedia, and the experiments demonstrate that the compact binary codes sufficiently embed the semantic of documents and bring improvement in retrieval accuracy. 0 0
Topic crawling strategy based on Wikipedia and analysis of pages' similarity Link analysis
Resemblance computation
Text relativity
Topic crawling
Applied Mechanics and Materials English 2012 Considering the weaknesses existing in the present topic crawling strategies, this paper puts forward a new method which is based on Wikipedia and the analysis of page similarity. Firstly, the topic is described via Wikipedia. Then, handle the downloaded web. Finally, calculate the priorities of the links through text relativity and analysis of the web links. The result indicates that this new method is better than the traditional in terms of searching results and topic relativity and is worth popularizing. 0 0
Integrating Twitter into Wiki to support informal awareness Twitter
Cross-channel workspace
Informal awareness
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work English 2011 0 0
Integrating Twitter into wiki to support informal awareness Informal awareness
English 2011 In the current study, we explored Twitter as a useful and practical extension to a wiki-based collaborative work space. A two-week experiment and a survey study shed some light on the potential benefits of integrating Twitter, or other existing social networking tools with a formal collaborative work space in encouraging meta-data level communication and promoting informal awareness. Copyright 2011 ACM. 0 0
Understanding and supporting online communities of practice: Lessons learned from Wikipedia Community of practice
Computer-supported collaboration
Learning community
Educational Technology Research and Development English 2011 In order to seek more effective ways to design and support online communities of practice, we examined how Wikipedia, a large-scale online community of practice, is developed and emerges over time. We conducted a Delphi study to explore the social, organizational, and technical factors that Wikipedia experts believe have supported the evolution of this community. Based on the findings, we present a model for thinking about online communities of practice and suggest it may serve as starting point to develop strategies of designing and supporting online communities of practice. 0 1