Wit and wisdom: Where do we turn for advice?

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Wit and wisdom: Where do we turn for advice? is a 2006 literature review written in English by Marcus A. and published in Interactions.

[edit] Abstract

The different resources in the form of handbook documents provided for the professionals to learn philosophy, principles, methods, and techniques are discussed. The Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Handbook by Jacko and Sears, and edited by Gary Perlman an invaluable resource whose massive contacts is more than one lifetime's reading. The Internet Wikipedia, among other URL resources, supports a number of topics that are both public versions of the traditional publishing system's more closed-editorial format and explorations of topics that have not yet been made. There are several blogs that provide existing view of the latest topics, disputed territory in the battle for ideological supremacy, and URLs from SIGCHI, UPA, and STC feature knowledge compendia. More oriented to software developers than CHI professionals, is the set of Internet resources regarding Ajax, the school of thought and action concerned with asynchronous JavaScript with XML.

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