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Wikiwho Fast and accurate processing of revision differences for authorship detection. More information:

«If anyone is interested in a faster processing of revision differences, you could also adapt the strategy we implemented for wikiwho [1], which is keeping track of bigger unchanged text chunks with hashes and just diffing the remaining text (usually a relatively small part oft the article). We specifically introduced that technique because diffing all the text was too expensive. And in principle, it can produce the same output, although we currently use it for authorship detection, which is a slightly different task. Anyway, it is on average >100 times faster than pure "traditional" diffing.» (Fabian Flöck on Wiki-research-l, December 2014)

Accuracy and performance tests as well as general algorithm description found in the corresponding paper: WikiWho:_Precise_and_Efficient_Attribution_of_Authorship_of_Revisioned_Content


There is no publication about this tool yet.