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Wikis in scholarly publishing is a 2011 journal article written in English by Daniel Mietchen, Gregor Hagedorn, Konrad U. Förstner, M. Fabiana Kubke, Claudia Koltzenburg, Mark Hahnel, Lyubomir Penev and published in Information Services and Use.

[edit] Abstract

Scientific research is a process concerned with the creation, collective accumulation, contextualization, updating and maintenance of knowledge. Wikis provide an environment that allows to collectively accumulate, contextualize, update and maintain knowledge in a coherent and transparent fashion. Here, we examine the potential of wikis as platforms for scholarly publishing. In the hope to stimulate further discussion, the article itself was drafted on Species ID –; a wiki that hosts a prototype for wiki-based scholarly publishing – where it can be updated, expanded or otherwise improved.

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