Wikipedia and the Disappearing "Author"

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Wikipedia and the Disappearing "Author" is a 2005 journal article written in [[no [open content]]] by Nora Miller and published in ETC.: A Review of General Semantics, , 2005.

[edit] Abstract

In this article, Nora Miller examines wikis in the light of authorship theories. She examines authoring a text has meant over the course of history. Miller explains that wikis (and other forms of digital spaces) are redefining the notion of textual ownership through means of collaboration. She mentions copyright laws and the resultant belief that there exists "self-evident" rights for authors to control and own their texts. As Miller shows with her own contributions to an entry in Wikipedia, wikis disrupt these notions of authorial rights. Much of the discussion about wikis and theory is limited to collaboration; I was happy to find one discussing wikis through the lens of authorship theory.

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