Wikificação como modelo de edição de conteúdos jornalísticos na web

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Wikificação como modelo de edição de conteúdos jornalísticos na web is a 2010 journal article written in Portuguese by Carlos Frederico de Brito d’Andréa and published in Estudos em Jornalismo e Mídia.

[edit] Abstract

In the article we present the term “wikification of journalism” as a model of text editing on the web. This concept relates the production routines of news on the Internet with the current logic of continuous flow of information and collaboration with the opening to the public outside the newsroom. Initially, we discussed the growing issue of journalistic dissection and fragmentation of the web content published by news sites. Then we discuss the trend of public participation in news production, from editing in three models cyberjournalism proposed by Machado (2008). Finally, we raise opportunities and challenges of “wikification of journalism”, understood as a model of content management based on collaboration and continuous updating of texts.

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