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WikiChron is a web tool for the analysis and visualization of the evolution of wiki online communities. It uses processed data of the history dumps of mediawiki wikis, computes different metrics on this data and plot it in interactive graphs. It allows to compare different wikis in the same graphs.

This tool will serve investigators in the task of inspecting the behavior of collaborative online communities, in particular wikis, and generate research hypotheses for further and deeper studies. WikiChron has been thought to be very easy to use and highly interactive from the very first beginning. It comes with a bunch of already downloaded and processed wikis from Wikia (but any MediaWiki wiki is supported), and with more than thirty metrics to visualize and compare between wikis.

Moreover, it can be useful in the case of wiki administrators who want to see, analyze and compare how the activity on their wikis is going.

WikiChron is available online here:

The tool has been presented in two scientist congress: ECIS 2018 and OpenSym 2018.

The tool is open source and you can find its code here:

WikiChron has been developed by the GRASIA research group, which belongs to the Complutense University of Madrid.

You can read more about it in the developer's blog post: