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WikiCreole WikiCreole is a common wiki markup language to be used across different wikis.


Title Author(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Design and implementation of wiki content transformations and refactorings Hannes Dohrn
Dirk Riehle
Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Open Collaboration, WikiSym + OpenSym 2013 English 2013 The organic growth of wikis requires constant attention by contributors who are willing to patrol the wiki and improve its content structure. However, most wikis still only oer textual editing and even wikis which oer WYSIWYG editing do not assist the user in restructuring the wiki. Therefore, "gardening" a wiki is a tedious and error-prone task. One of the main obstacles to assisted restructuring of wikis is the underlying content model which prohibits automatic transformations of the content. Most wikis use either a purely textual representation of content or rely on the representational HTML format. To allow rigorous definitions of transformations we use and extend a Wiki Object Model. With theWiki Object Model installed we present a catalog of transformations and refactorings that helps users to easily and consistently evolve the content and structure of a wiki. Furthermore we propose XSLT as language for transformation specification and provide working examples of selected transformations to demonstrate that theWiki Object Model and the transformation framework are well designed. We believe that our contribution significantly simplifies wiki "gardening" by introducing the means of eortless restructuring of articles and groups of articles. It furthermore provides an easily extensible foundation for wiki content transformations. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.4 [Information Systems]: Information Systems Applications; I.7 [Computing Methodologies]: Document and Text Processing; D.2 [Software]: Software Engineering General Terms Design, Languages. Copyright 2010 ACM. 0 0
Wikipublisher: A print-on-demand wiki John Rankin
Craig Anslow
James Noble
Brenda Chawner
Donald Gordon
WikiSym English 2009 Web and print exist as two solitudes: printed web pages often disappoint and converting print documents into good web pages is hard. A wiki makes it easy for authors to create rich web content, but is little help if readers wish to print the results. Wikipublisher lets readers turn wiki pages or page collections into print, with a quality better than most word processing documents. This lowers the time and cost of creating online and print versions of the same content, with no loss of quality in either medium. Copyright 2009 ACM. 0 0
Wikipublisher: a print-on-demand Wiki John Rankin
Craig Anslow
James Noble
Brenda Chawner
Donald Gordon
WikiSym English 2009 0 0
A grammar for standardized Wiki markup Martin Junghans
Dirk Riehle
Rama Gurram
Matthias Kaiser
Mário Lopes
Umit Yalcinalp
WikiSym 2008 - The 4th International Symposium on Wikis, Proceedings English 2008 Today's wiki engines are not interoperable. The rendering engine is tied to the processing tools which are tied to the wiki editors. This is an unfortunate consequence of the lack of rigorously specified standards. This paper discusses an EBNF-based grammar for Wiki Creole 1.0, a community standard for wiki markup, and demonstrates its benefits. Wiki Creole is being specified using prose, so our grammar revealed several categories of ambiguities, showing the value of a more formal approach to wiki markup specification. The formalization of Wiki Creole using a grammar shows performance problems that today's regular-expression-based wiki parsers might face when scaling up. We present an implementation of a wiki markup parser and demonstrate our test cases for validating Wiki Creole parsers. We view the work presented in this paper as an important step towards decoupling wiki rendering engines from processing tools and from editing tools by means of a precise and complete wiki markup specification. This decoupling layer will then allow innovation on these different parts to proceed independently and as is expected at a faster pace than before. 0 0
Improving the accessibility of wikis Taras C.
Siemoneit O.
Weisser N.
Rotard M.
Thomas Ertl
Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2008 During the last years wikis have become important information portals. Nevertheless, research in wiki accessibility is an often neglected topic. This paper takes a basic analytical and systematic step inside this new and complex area, explores the peculiarities, possibilities and limitations of wiki accessibility. Wikis give rise to certain accessibility limitations but also do offer new ways and concepts to improve accessibility. We present basic concepts and extensions to the wiki markup that are to our minds inevitable for improving the accessibility of wikis. It is pointed out, that wiki accessibility is not something totally new but mostly a complex conjunction of yet separated classical discussions. However there are also wiki specific accessibility aspects. 0 0