Wiki learning system patterns for academic courses

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Wiki learning system patterns for academic courses is a 2012 magazine article written in English by Nejkovic V., Tosic M. and published in Computer Applications in Engineering Education.

[edit] Abstract

Academic courses have started to feature an expanding variety of innovative ways in using different technologies in order to improve effectiveness of teaching and learning process. Among these technologies Wikis are getting important role among teachers, academics, and educators in general as teaching as well as collaboration tool. This article presents overview and systematization of Wiki Learning System in a form of educational Wiki patterns with a goal to support easier and more coherent integration of collaboration and interaction in teaching and learning activities. Results of several consecutive years of using Wiki Learning System and Wiki-based methodological teaching approaches based on Wiki patterns are presented regarding final exams' outcomes of university students. The outcomes' evaluation is based on data collected from faculty archive as well as using survey-questionnaire-based method.

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