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MediaWiki PHP MediaWiki is famous a wiki engine. It is used by Wikipedia. MediaWiki-smaller-logo.png


Title Author(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Educational semantic wikis in the linked data age: The case of msc web science program at aristotle university of thessaloniki Bratsas C.
Dimou A.
Alexiadis G.
Chrysou D.-E.
Kavargyris K.
Parapontis I.
Bamidis P.
Antoniou I.
CEUR Workshop Proceedings English 2011 Wikis are nowadays a mature technology and further well established as successful eLearning approaches that promote collaboration, fulfill the requirements of new trends in education and follow the theory of constructivism. Semantic Wikis on the other hand, are not yet thoroughly explored, but differentiate by offering an increased overall added value to the educational procedure and the course management. Their recent integration with the Linked Data cloud exhibits a potential to exceed their usual contribution and to render them into powerful eLearning tools as they expand their potentialities to the newly created educational LOD. Web Science Semantic Wiki constitutes a prime attempt to evaluate this potential and the benefits that Semantic Web and linked data bring in the field of education. 0 0
Análisis de la incorporación de una plataforma wiki a la docencia de la asignatura "nuevas tecnologías de la información" Antonio José Reinoso Peinado Revista de Docencia Universitaria Spanish 16 January 2010 This paper describes the study carried out in order to analyze and evaluate the use of a wiki-based platform as a supporting element in the student learning process. The Wiki platform is also analyzed as a tool providing services in teaching of subjects related to New Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Moreover, this work focuses on the necessary metrics to be obtained in order to establish use and behavioural patterns which allow to characterize the user-platform relationships and may lead to describe possible students’ attitudes when facing tasks demanding cooperative and collaborative efforts. Este documento describe el estudio realizado con el fin de analizar y evaluar el uso de una plataforma basada en el paradigma “Wiki” como elemento de apoyo en el proceso de aprendizaje de los alumnos y como herramienta de utilidad en la docencia de una materia relacionada con las Nuevas Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones (TIC). Además, este trabajo trata de obtener las métricas necesarias para establecer patrones de uso y comportamiento que permitan caracterizar la interacción con la plataforma y puedan ayudar a describir la actitud de los alumnos a la hora de enfrentarse a la realización de tareas cooperativas que exijan coordinación y organización de esfuerzos. 6 0
Wooki: A P2P wiki-based collaborative writing tool Stephane Weiss
Pascal Urso
Pascal Molli
Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2007 Wiki systems are becoming an important part of the information system of many organisations and communities. This introduce the issue of the data availability in case of failure, heavy load or off-line access. We propose to replicate wiki pages across a P2P network of wiki engines. We address the problem of consistency of replicated wiki pages in the context of a P2P wiki system. In this paper, we present the architecture and the underlying algorithms of the wooki system. Compared to traditional wikis, Wooki is P2P wiki which scales, delivers better performances and allows off-line access. 0 0
A wiki as an extensible RDF presentation engine Rauschmayer A.
Kammergruber W.C.
CEUR Workshop Proceedings English 2006 Semantic wikis [1] establish the role of wikis as integrators of structured and semi-structured data. In this paper, we present Wikked, which is a semantic wiki turned inside out: it is a wiki engine that is embedded in the generic RDF editor Hyena. That is, Hyena edits (structured) RDF and leaves it to Wikked to display (semi-structured) wiki pages stored in RDF nodes. Wiki text has a clearly defined core syntax, while traditional wiki syntax is regarded as syntactic sugar. It is thus easy to convert Wikked pages to various output formats such as HTML and LaTeX. Wikked's built-in functions for presenting RDF data and for invoking Hyena functionality endow it with the ability to define simple custom user interfaces to RDF data. 0 0

According to WikiMatrix, there are more than 125 wiki engines. Some efforts have been conducted to create a common wiki markup (WikiCreole).

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