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WikiFAQ: Obtaining complete FAQs is a 2006 conference paper written in English by Moreno A., Carrillo C., Delfin S., Muntaner E., De La Rosa J.L. and published in Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications.

[edit] Abstract

In this paper we present research into obtaining complete FAQs that provide users with satisfactory information. To achieve that we join FAQ technology with the emerging wiki technology to obtain a tool we call WikiFAQ which includes all the basics elements of a FAQ combined with the properties of wikis, and in which we include a set of Knowledge Contribution Methods (KCM) based on bidding and auctioning systems, and a reward mechanism (RM) based on points as in trust and reputation systems. We use Citizen Information Services (CIS) in local governments as an application domain for WikiFAQ because they are a rich source of diverse and dispersed users with direct and relevant experience.

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