Wiki-based process framework for blended learning

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Wiki-based process framework for blended learning is a 2007 conference paper written in English by Marija Cubric and published in WikiSym.

[edit] Abstract

With few exceptions, currently published research on theeducational use of wikis does not include how the learningactivities should be shaped, planned or enforced in a wiki. Inthis paper we aim to fill that gap by providing a framework forlearning and teaching processes supported by the use of wikis. Aninstance of that process framework ("feedback-driven" process) wasformulated and implemented through a series of trials performed atUniversity of Hertfordshire Business School during the course ofthe last two academic years to 2006/7. The results of the trialhave been collected and analyzed using the quantitative andqualitative methods and have led to the conclusion that studentsengagement with wiki-based learning activities is directlyproportional to the quality and frequency of tutors feedback andthe clarity of the underlying learning and teaching process.

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