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Wherefore wikis? is a 2007 journal article written in English by Fitch D. and published in Journal of Technology in Human Services.

[edit] Abstract

This report outlines the components of wiki technology and its possible applications in the human services. Wikis have the potential to manage the detailed internal and external information and knowledge that is ubiquitous in the human services. For example, a wiki would be an ideal tool to store the knowledge of how things actually work in agencies with high staff turnover or many retiring of baby boomers. Wikis offer the opportunity for veteran staff to disseminate their expertise by hyperlinking knowledge about a certain operation to other operations or procedures. Furthermore, since wikis can be updated by all users, the knowledge can be easily and instantly updated as the human services environment changes. Wikis also offer the capacity to track and manage user changes. The report describes a specific external wiki application for capturing and disseminating community referral information. © Copyright (c) by The Haworth Press, Inc. All rights reserved.

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