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Werner Winiwarter is an author.


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Title Keyword(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
COLLEAP - COntextual Language LEArning Pipeline Language learning
Natural Language Processing
Web crawling
Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2013 In this paper we present a concept as well as a prototype of a tool pipeline to utilize the abundant information available on the World Wide Web for contextual, user driven creation and display of language learning material. The approach is to capture Wikipedia articles of the user's choice by crawling, to analyze the linguistic aspects of the text via natural language processing and to compile the gathered information into a visually appealing presentation of enriched language information. The tool is designed to address the Japanese language, with a focus on kanji, the pictographic characters used in Japanese scripture. 0 0
Using Wikipedia for extracting hierarchy and building geo-ontology Encyclopedia
Geographical ontology
Information retrieval
Ontology building
International Journal of Web Information Systems English 2012 Purpose - This paper aims to serves two main purposes: First, it seeks to provide an overview of the location hierarchy from the highest divisions (continents) to the lowest divisions (wards, villages) in reality and in the Wikipedia pages. Secondly, it aims to introduce an approach to building ageographical ontology from Wikipedia. Design/methodology/approach - The paper first reviews existing applications which extract information from Wikipedia and use it as a data resource to develop natural language processing tools. The paper also reviews the structure of Wikipedia pages which show the location's information. Based on the analysis, the paper then proposes an approach to extract location hierarchy as well Abstract: geographical characteristics for the geo-ontology. The approach also rebuilds the relations between locations in the ontology. Findings - Existing location name systems are mainly based on probabilistic locations, which are mined from the data and they lack the administrative relations between locations for full levels and all countries and territories. The literature review in geographical hierarchy and using Wikipedia for natural language processing tasks offers an approach to build a geographical ontology from Wikipedia pages. The proposed approach is believed to be the first which provides a full geo-ontology for all countries. Practical implications - The paper builds a geo-ontology with full levels for all countries and territories. The administrative relations between locations are needed for real-world applications. Originality/value - The comprehensive overview on existing work on geo-ontology provides a valuable reference for researchers and system developers in related research communities. The proposed approach to build a geographical ontology by using the Wikipedia offers a promising alternative to build a knowledge system from free online multi-language encyclopedia. 0 0
Building a geographical ontology by using Wikipedia Geographical ontology
Ontology building
IiWAS English 2011 0 0