Web 2.0 in e-government: The challenges and opportunities of wiki in legal matters

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Web 2.0 in e-government: The challenges and opportunities of wiki in legal matters is a 2009 conference paper written in English by Decman M. and published in Proceedings of the European Conference on e-Government, ECEG.

[edit] Abstract

Web 2.0 is a new concept intended to enhance the creativity, collaboration, information sharing and functionality of the web. Blogs, wikis, social networking and folksonomies are often focused on personal life, and many on professional life. In the professional or business environment, both private and public sectors are very interested in offering the best services to the users. The question is how these new concepts and ideas can be integrated into (existing or redesigned) processes and services to achieve this task. This paper in its first part presents an overview of Web 2.0 and links its concepts to the idea of e-government. It searches the possibilities for its implementation in e-government and tries to discover some best cases of Web 2.0 used in public administration. In the second part, the paper focuses on the specific topic of wikis, and introduces a case that suggests the use of a wiki for the interpretation of legislation, especially legislation used by public employees in their everyday tasks. The wiki solution links people in the field of public administration who are drafting legislation with those who have to use the legislation, such as citizens, public employees, legal experts, etc. Wiki is used in a form of a common web site, Administrative Legislation Wiki (AL-Wiki), which offers general information, basic legal theory, use cases, etc. At the same time, all users can use the same Web 2.0 solution to communicate, exchange knowledge, search, correct and improve. The paper suggests and shows that it is not the technology, but the way it is used that makes an improvement in e-government and many other situations. It suggests that the wiki concept is relevant for e-government and could have a significant impact.

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