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Vivi Nastase is an author.


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Transforming Wikipedia into a large scale multilingual concept network Knowledge acquisition
Knowledge base
Artificial Intelligence English 2013 A knowledge base for real-world language processing applications should consist of a large base of facts and reasoning mechanisms that combine them to induce novel and more complex information. This paper describes an approach to deriving such a large scale and multilingual resource by exploiting several facets of the on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia. We show how we can build upon Wikipedia's existing network of categories and articles to automatically discover new relations and their instances. Working on top of this network allows for added information to influence the network and be propagated throughout it using inference mechanisms that connect different pieces of existing knowledge. We then exploit this gained information to discover new relations that refine some of those found in the previous step. The result is a network containing approximately 3.7 million concepts with lexicalizations in numerous languages and 49+ million relation instances. Intrinsic and extrinsic evaluations show that this is a high quality resource and beneficial to various NLP tasks. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. 0 0
CoSyne: A framework for multilingual content synchronization of wikis Recognizing textual entailment
WikiSym 2011 Conference Proceedings - 7th Annual International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration English 2011 Wikis allow a large base of contributors easy access to shared content, and freedom in editing it. One of the side-effects of this freedom was the emergence of parallel and independently evolving versions in a variety of languages, reflecting the multilingual background of the pool of contributors. For the Wiki to properly represent the user-added content, this should be fully available in all its languages. Working on parallel Wikis in several European languages, we investigate the possibility to "synchronize" different language versions of the same document, by: i) pinpointing topically related pieces of information in the different languages, ii) identifying information that is missing or less detailed in one of the two versions, iii) translating this in the appropriate language, iv) inserting it in the appropriate place. Progress along such directions will allow users to share more easily content across language boundaries. 0 0
Acquiring a Taxonomy from the German Wikipedia English 2008 0 0
Decoding Wikipedia Categories for Knowledge Acquisition English 2008 0 0
Decoding Wikipedia categories for knowledge acquisition Proceedings of the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence English 2008 This paper presents an approach to acquire knowledge from Wikipedia categories and the category network. Many Wikipedia categories have complex names which reflect human classification and organizing instances, and thus encode knowledge about class attributes, taxonomic and other semantic relations. We decode the names and refer back to the network to induce relations between concepts in Wikipedia represented through pages or categories. The category structure allows us to propagate a relation detected between constituents of a category name to numerous concept links. The results of the process are evaluated against ResearchCyc and a subset also by human judges. The results support the idea that Wikipedia category names are a rich source of useful and accurate knowledge. Copyright © 2008, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence ( All rights reserved. 0 0
Distinguishing Between Instances and Classes in the Wikipedia Taxonomy English 2008 0 0
Topic-driven Multi-document Summarization with Encyclopedic Knowledge and Spreading Activation English 2008 0 0