Visual Analysis of Controversy in User-generated Encyclopedias

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Visual Analysis of Controversy in User-generated Encyclopedias is a 2007 conference paper by Jurgen Lerner Ulrik Brandes and published in Proc. IEEE Symp. Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST ' 07).

[edit] Abstract

Wikipedia is a large and rapidly growing Web-based collaborative authoring environment, where anyone on the Internet can create, modify, and delete pages about encyclopedic topics. A remarkable property of some Wikipedia pages is that they are written by up to thousands of authors who may have contradicting opinions. In this paper we show that a visual analysis of the “who revises whom”- network gives deep insight into controversies. We propose a set of analysis and visualization techniques that reveal the dominant authors of a page, the roles they play, and the alters they confront. Thereby we provide tools to understand howWikipedia authors collaborate in the presence of controversy.

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