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Virtual dermatohistopathology at is a magazine article written in English by Rossner M., Rossner F., Zwonitzer R., Hofmann H., Sterry W., Kalinski T. and published in JDDG - Journal of the German Society of Dermatology.

[edit] Abstract

PATHOWIKI () is a new specialized information system in the form of a web-based wiki with content from all sub-disciplines of human pathology. Essential components are articles and specimens which are located thematically in dermatopathology. The project is presented on the basis of impressive examples and possibilities. The ability to link all kinds of content and integrate pattern analysis theories creates an effective tool for teaching and training in dermatopathology. Collaborative work ensures the effective usage of available resources and a continually growing amount of content, the quality of which depends on the number of users and should be as high as possible. Therefore, all interested colleagues are invited to support the project.

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