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Vanessa Wendhausen Lima is an author from Brazil.


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Title Keyword(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Verbete Digital: Análise de Gênero na Wikipedia Genre
Digital genre
Wikipedia entry
Social action
Revista L@el em (Dis-)curso Portuguese 2011 The aim of this paper is to report an analysis of the entry of Wikipedia as a digital genre. This theoretical work is based on the theory of genre as social action, developed by Carolyn Miller (1994). The analysis of the rhetorical organization of the corpus shows that this genre is a variation of the genre entry which is found in traditional encyclopedias, involving also variations in the textual aspects. 0 0
Gênero e colaboração: a construção do verbete da Wikipédia Anais Hipertexto 2009 Portuguese 2009 0 0
Análise do verbete da Wikipédia sob a ótica da teoria de gênero como ação social Wikipedia Entry
Social Action
Portuguese 2007 This study aims to analyze the Wikipedia entry. The analysis is based upon the theory of genre as a social action as proposed by Miller (1994a) and her follower Bazerman (1994). These authors state that the notion of genre is a typified social action that functions as a reply to recurrent situations. Methodological proposals for the study of the Wikipedia entry composition process are given by Paré and Smart (1994). They believe that a genre analysis based on Miller‟s theory should identify which elements are observable besides textual ones and which is the relationship between them. Therefore, the analysis of the textual elements was based on the rhetorical movements, the compositional aspects of the entry, the text format, and the social roles of the writers. This study reveals that the Wikipedia entry is a digital genre resulting from a social act which involves the whole free encyclopedia. It took this form because of the recurrence and text typifying through the rules that regulate the free encyclopedia process of writing. 2 0
Canais de interação na Wikipedia Portuguese 2006 2 0