Use of wikis in pharmacy hybrid elective courses

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Use of wikis in pharmacy hybrid elective courses is a 2012 journal article written in English by Miller A.D., Norris L.B., Bookstaver P.B. and published in Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning.

[edit] Abstract

Objectives: Three separate elective courses on medication safety, clinical research, and evidence-based medicine used a hybrid course design combining online wikis and face-to-face interaction. Enrolled students were surveyed to assess their perceptions of wiki effectiveness in reviewing course content and the engagement of students in wiki assignments was assessed through examination of wiki entries. Methods: Online surveys were disseminated to enrolled students after course completion. Respondents evaluated agreement with survey statements using a five-point Likert scale, and additional space was provided for open-ended answers. Survey results were reported using descriptive statistics. Wiki entries were compared throughout the course. Results: Survey responses on the use of wikis within hybrid elective courses indicate that wikis helped students review and understand course concepts and reflect on course content. A smaller percentage of students felt that wikis within a hybrid course design enhanced collegiality among their peers. Wiki entries became more complex and improved throughout each course. Conclusions: Wikis within hybrid elective courses enhanced the student experience by reinforcing course concepts and objectives.

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