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Urobe: a prototype for wiki preservation is a 2010 conference paper written in English by Niko Popitsch, Robert Mosser, Wolfgang Philipp and published in 7th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects.

[edit] Abstract

More and more information that is considered for digital long-term preservation is generated by Web 2.0 applications like wikis, blogs or social networking tools. However, there is little support for the preservation of these data today. Currently they are preserved like regular Web sites without taking the flexible, lightweight and mostly graph-based data models of the underlying Web 2.0 applications into consideration. By this, valuable information about the relations within these data and about links to other data is lost. Furthermore, information about the internal structure of the data, e.g., expressed by wiki markup languages is not preserved entirely.

We argue that this currently neglected information is of high value in a long-term preservation strategy of Web 2.0 data and describe our approach for the preservation of wiki contents that is based on Semantic Web technologies. In particular we describe the distributed architecture of our wiki preservation prototype (Urobe) which implements a migration strategy for wiki contents and is based on Semantic Web and Linked Data principles. Further, we present a first vocabulary for the description of wiki core elements derived from a combination of established vocabularies/standards from the Semantic Web and digital preservation domains, namely Dublin Core, SIOC, VoiD and PREMIS.

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