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A triangulated investigation of using wiki for project-based learning in different undergraduate disciplines Chu E.H.Y.
Chan C.K.
Michele Notari
Chu S.K.W.
Chen K.
Wu W.W.Y.
Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Open Collaboration, WikiSym + OpenSym 2013 English 2013 This study investigates the use of wiki to support project-based learning (PBL) in 3 undergraduate courses of different disciplines: English Language Studies, Information Management, and Mechanical Engineering. This study takes a methodological triangulation approach that employs the use of questionnaires, interviews, and wiki activity logs. The level of activities and the types of core actions captured on wiki varied among the three groups of students. Students generally rated positively on the use of wiki to support PBL, while significant differences were found on 9 items (especially in the "Motivation" and "Knowledge Management" dimensions of the questionnaire) among students in the three different disciplines. Interviews revealed that these differences may be attributable to the variations in the natures and scopes of the PBL, as well as in the different emphases that students placed on the work presented on the wiki. This study may provide directions on the use of wiki in PBL in undergraduate courses. Categories and Subject Descriptors K.3.1 [Computers and Education]: Computer Uses in Education - collaborative learning. General Terms Experimentation, Human Factors. Copyright 2010 ACM. 0 0
Blogs, wikis and social networking sites: A cross institutional survey amongst Greek students Ponis S.T.
Gioti H.
Int. J. Web Based Communities English 2013 In this paper, we attempt to explore the penetration of Web 2.0 technologies amongst Greek students, determine their level of usage and explore the students' opinions and perceptions regarding their usefulness for learning and educational purposes. In that context, we present the initial results of a survey-based cross-institutional study, conducted between September 15 and October 30, 2010, on a sample of five hundred undergraduate students from the two oldest university establishments in Greece. Our survey results reveal that social networking sites despite being by far, the most popular Web 2.0 service amongst Greek students, present the lowest perceived value in regards of the service's usefulness for educational and studying support purposes. On the other hand, blogs and wikis, which are considered educationally more useful by students, present low percentages of systematic use and content contribution and even lower percentages of ownership. Following the initial descriptive analysis of our cross institutional survey data presented in this paper, we are in the process of conducting a series of statistical tests for identifying significant correlations between variables and testing a set of prescribed research hypotheses. Copyright 0 0
Is Wikipedia a Relevant Model for E-Learning? Pierre-Carl Langlais English 2013 This article gives a global appraisal of wiki-based pedagogic projects. The growing influence of Wikipedia on students’ research practices have actually made these a promising area for educational research.

A compilation of data published by 30 previous academic case studies reveals several recurrent features. Wikis are not so easily adopted: most wiki learning programs begin by a slow initial phase, marked by a general unwillingness to adapt to an unusual environment. Some sociological factors, like age and, less clearly, gender may contribute to increase this initial reluctance.

In spite of their uneasiness, wikis proved precious tools on one major aspect: they give a vivid representation of scientific communities. Students get acquainted with some valuable epistemic practices and norms, such as collaborative work and critical thought. While not improving significantly the memorization of information, wikis clearly enhance research abilities.

This literature review can assist teachers in determining whether the use of wiki fits their pedagogic aims.
10 0
Use and acceptance of Wiki systems for students of veterinary medicine. Kolski D.
Arlt S.
Birk S.
Heuwieser W.
GMS Zeitschrift für medizinische Ausbildung English 2013 Objective: Wiki systems are gaining importance concerning the use in education, especially among young users. The aim of our study was to examine, how students of veterinary medicine commonly use wiki systems, whether they consider a veterinary wiki system useful and if they would participate in writing content. Methodology: For data collection a questionnaire was provided to students (n=210) of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. It contained questions regarding the use of Wikipedia in general and concerning educational issues. Results: Most respondents, especially students in the first years, had comprehensive experience in the use of Wikipedia and veterinary wiki systems. In contrast, the experience in writing or editing of information was low (8.6% Wikipedia, 15.3% veterinary wiki systems). Male students had significantly more writing experience than females (p=0,008). In addition, students of the higher years were more experienced in writing and editing than students of the first year (7.4% in the 4(th) year). The familiarity with wiki systems offered by universities was low. The majority of students (96.2%) are willing to use veterinary wiki systems as an information tool in the future. Nevertheless, only a low percentage is willing to write or edit content. Many students, however, expect a better learning success when writing own texts. In general, students consider the quality of information in a wiki system as correct. Conclusion: In conclusion, wiki systems are considered a useful tool to gain information. This will lead to a successful implementation of wiki systems in veterinary education. A main challenge will be to develop concepts to activate students to participate not only in reading but in the writing and editing process. 0 0
Enhancing networking and proactive learning skills in the first year university experience through the use of wikis Morley D.A. Nurse Education Today English 2012 This paper discusses the introduction of blended learning strategies, a combination of traditional and online techniques, into the first year of a new preregistration nursing advanced diploma and degree programme at Bournemouth University (UK).During a ten week sociology of health academic unit, in the first term of a three year nursing course, wikis were introduced as a complementary learning technique to traditional lectures and seminars. Wikis, an online application, provided eleven student seminar groups (each divided into 4 online or elearning groups of 6-8 students) with the potential to communicate collaboratively "anytime, anywhere" (JISC, 2010) to discuss a sociology preparation activity for the preceding week. The implementation of this elearning tool was structured through the application of Salmon's five stage model (Salmon, 2002) and evaluated from 69 students' online contributions to wikis as well as questionnaires completed by both a sample of students and academic staff. As well as the many comments made by students the evaluation indicated that 45% of students' responses valued wikis as a communication tool and 33% believed it promoted or allowed the sharing of group views.The evaluation presents and critiques the initial project management using Salmon's five stage model and the engagement of students and academic staff. In particular it begins to show how wikis have the potential to structure academic learning and promote social networking in the crucial first few months of a course. 0 0
Lessons from the classroom: Successful techniques for teaching wikis using Wikipedia Frank Schulenburg
LiAnna Davis
Max Klein
WikiSym 2011 Conference Proceedings - 7th Annual International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration English 2011 In the fall of 2010, the Wikimedia Foundation partnered with faculty from several top universities to introduce wiki techonology and Wikipedia into class assignments of public policy related subjects. Through assignments based in Wikipedia students improved skills in collaboration, critical thinking, expository writing, media literacy, and technology fluency. In video interviews, students describe their experience and the learning objectives emerged through the Wikipedia assignment. Many students also commented on the satisfaction in producing a research document that had value beyond a grade. Professor Max Klein explains the success of his classroom use of a WikiProject page as a springboard for class discussion and homework assignments. Workshop participants experience some of the Wikipedia training modules through activities. This interactive workshop discloses some successes and failures of the Initiative and details specifically what makes a successful Wikipediaediting assignment. 0 0
Lessons from the classroom: successful techniques for teaching wikis using Wikipedia Frank Schulenburg
LiAnna Davis
Max Klein
WikiSym English 2011 0 0
Tecnologías wiki y conocimiento abierto en la Universidad Manuel Palomo-Duarte
Inmaculada Medina-Bulo
Emilio J. Rodríguez-Posada
Noelia Sales-Montes
Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre Spanish 2009 Las tecnologías wiki han revolucionado la forma de construir conocimiento en los últimos años: con solo pulsar un botón se puede pasar de ser un mero consumidor de información a autor de contenidos con un público potencial enorme. Basta como ejemplo el proyecto Wikipedia, que ha provocado recientemente que Microsoft abandone la comercialización de su enciclopedia de pago Encarta. El mundo académico no está al margen de estos avances, y son varias las iniciativas que se están desarrollando en la Universidad de Cádiz en este sentido por medio de su Oficina de Software Libre y Conocimiento Abierto. Wikijuegos es un tutorial sobre programación de videojuegos con la biblioteca libre libSDL. R-Wiki es un wiki creado por el proyecto R-UCA, que da apoyo a los usuarios (alumnos e investigadores) del paquete estadístico libre R. WikiHaskell es una experiencia que se está desarrollando en la que los alumnos crean material complementario sobre bibliotecas del lenguaje de programación Haskell. Por último, wikiUNIX es un wiki en fase de desarrollo aún que recopila información sobre administración de sistemas UNIX y que además ofrece ejercicios y un sistema GNU/Linux virtual para poder realizarlos. Todos estos wikis tienen su contenido bajo licencia libre y están accesibles públicamente. 0 1