Trial integration of agricultural field sensing data

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Trial integration of agricultural field sensing data is a 2011 conference paper written in English by Kiura T., Tanaka K., Omine M., Yoshida T. and published in Proceedings of the SICE Annual Conference.

[edit] Abstract

MetBroker, virtually integrates meteorological data from different sources and access methods, was extended a web ontology (metbroker.owl) to provide flexible data retrieval at the primary stage, and then to utilize the OWL for data integration itself. As the first trial, we used MetBroker to integrate meteorological data part from the field sensing data by Field Servers, and found that we successfully integrate Field Server data with other meteorological data. We expected that we can integrate meteorological data from other field sensing data sources to MetBroker. But we found that there is no OWL for other data obtained from field sensing data and observation data. To solve this issue, we start the second trial integration, to identify the relationships between terms used in metadata, create an extended XML schema for data exchange based on existed standard. The details of our trials are described.

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