Treelicious: A system for semantically navigating tagged web pages

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Treelicious: A system for semantically navigating tagged web pages is a 2010 conference paper written in English by Mullins M., Fizzano P. and published in Proceedings - 2010 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology - Workshops, WI-IAT 2010.

[edit] Abstract

Collaborative tagging has emerged as a popular and effective method for organizing and describing pages on the Web. We present Treelicious, a system that allows hierarchical navigation of tagged web pages. Our system enriches the navigational capabilities of standard tagging systems, which typically exploit only popularity and co-occurrence data. We describe a prototype that leverages the Wikipedia category structure to allow a user to semantically navigate pages from the Delicious social bookmarking service. In our system a user can perform an ordinary keyword search and browse relevant pages but is also given the ability to broaden the search to more general topics and narrow it to more specific topics. We show that Treelicious indeed provides an intuitive framework that allows for improved and effective discovery of knowledge.

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