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Supporting multilingual discussion for collaborative translation Noriyuki Ishida
Lin D.
Toshiyuki Takasaki
Toru Ishida
Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems, CTS 2012 English 2012 In recent years, collaborative translation has become more and more important for translation volunteers to share knowledge among different languages, among which Wikipedia translation activity is a typical example. During the collaborative translation processes, users with different mother tongues always conduct frequent discussions about certain words or expressions to understand the content of original article and to decide the correct translation. To support such kind of multilingual discussions, we propose an approach to embedding a service-oriented multilingual infrastructure with discussion functions in collaborative translation systems, where discussions can be automatically translated into different languages with machine translators, dictionaries, and so on. Moreover, we propose a Meta Translation Algorithm to adapt the features of discussions for collaborative translation, where discussion articles always consist of expressions in different languages. Further, we implement the proposed approach on LiquidThreads, a BBS on Wikipedia, and apply it for multilingual discussion for Wikipedia translation to verify the effectiveness of this research. 0 0
Hybrid and interactive domain-specific translation for multilingual access to digital libraries Jones G.J.F.
Fuller M.
Newman E.
YanChun Zhang
Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2011 Accurate high-coverage translation is a vital component of reliable cross language information retrieval (CLIR) systems. This is particularly true for retrieval from archives such as Digital Libraries which are often specific to certain domains. While general machine translation (MT) has been shown to be effective for CLIR tasks in laboratory information retrieval evaluation tasks, it is generally not well suited to specialized situations where domain-specific translations are required. We demonstrate that effective query translation in the domain of cultural heritage (CH) can be achieved using a hybrid translation method which augments a standard MT system with domain-specific phrase dictionaries automatically mined from Wikipedia . We further describe the use of these components in a domain-specific interactive query translation service. The interactive system selects the hybrid translation by default, with other possible translations being offered to the user interactively to enable them to select alternative or additional translation(s). The objective of this interactive service is to provide user control of translation while maximising translation accuracy and minimizing the translation effort of the user. Experiments using our hybrid translation system with sample query logs from users of CH websites demonstrate a large improvement in the accuracy of domain-specific phrase detection and translation. 0 0
WikiBABEL: A system for multilingual Wikipedia content Kumaran A.
Datha N.
Ashok B.
Saravanan K.
Ande A.
Sharma A.
Vedantham S.
Natampally V.
Dendi V.
Maurice S.
AMTA 2010 - 9th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas English 2010 This position paper outlines our project - WikiBABEL - which will be released as an open source project for the creation of multi-lingual Wikipedia content, and has potential to produce parallel data as a by-product for Ma-chine Translation systems research. We discuss its architecture, functionality and the user-experience components, and briefly pre-sent an analysis that emphasizes the resonance that the WikiBABEL design and the planned involvement with Wikipedia has with the open source communities in general and Wikipedians in particular. 0 0
Translating the DEMGOL Etymological Dictionary of Greek Mythology with the BEYTrans Wiki Youcef Bey
Kyo Kageura
Christian Boitet
Francesca Marzari
WikiSym English 2008 0 0