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Todd Kelsey is an author from United States.


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Sustainable multilingual communication: Managing multilingual content using free and open source content management systems English May 2011 It is often too complicated or expensive for most educators, non-profits and individuals to create and maintain a multilingual Web site, because of the technological hurdles, and the logistics of working with content in different languages. But multilingual content management systems, combined with streamlined processes and inexpensive organizational tools, make it possible for educators, non-profit entities and individuals with limited resources to develop sustainable and accessible multilingual Web sites. The research included a review of what's been done in the theory and practice of designing Web sites for multilingual audiences. On the basis of that review, a series of sustainable multilingual Web sites were created, and a series of approaches and systems were tested, including MediaWiki, Plone, Drupal, Joomla, PHPMyFAQ, Blogger, Google Docs and Google Sites. There was also a case study on "Social CMS", which refers to emergent social networks such as Facebook. The case studies are reported on, and conclude with high-level recommendations that form a roadmap for sustainable multilingual Web site development. The basic conclusion is that Drupal is a recommended system for developing a multilingual Web site, based on a variety of factors. Google Sites is also a recommended system, based on the fact that it is free, easy to use, and very flexible. 9 0