Timestamp-based result cache invalidation for web search engines

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Timestamp-based result cache invalidation for web search engines is a 2011 conference paper written in English by Alici S., Altingovde I.S., Ozcan R., Cambazoglu B.B., Ulusoy O. and published in SIGIR'11 - Proceedings of the 34th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval.

[edit] Abstract

The result cache is a vital component for efficiency of large-scale web search engines, and maintaining the freshness of cached query results is the current research challenge. As a remedy to this problem, our work proposes a new mechanism to identify queries whose cached results are stale. The basic idea behind our mechanism is to maintain and compare generation time of query results with update times of posting lists and documents to decide on staleness of query results. The proposed technique is evaluated using a Wikipedia document collection with real update information and a real-life query log. We show that our technique has good prediction accuracy, relative to a baseline based on the time-to-live mechanism. Moreover, it is easy to implement and incurs less processing overhead on the system relative to a recently proposed, more sophisticated invalidation mechanism.

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