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The design of the Mirage Spatial Wiki is a 2005 conference paper written in English by Anderson N., Bender A., Hartung C., Kulkarni G., Kumar A., Sanders I., Grunwald D., Sanders B. and published in WEBIST 2005 - 1st International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, Proceedings.

[edit] Abstract

Location based services can simplify information access but despite the numerous efforts and prototypes that attempt to provide location based services, there are very few such systems in wide spread use. There are three common problems that face the designers of location based systems - the basic location technology, the complexity of establishing a service for a particular location and the complexity of maintaining and presenting information to users of the systems. This paper outlines the software architecture of and experience with the Mirage Spatial Wiki. We describe the design decisions that have led to a system that is easy to deploy and use.

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