The collaborative organization of knowledge

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The collaborative organization of knowledge is a 2008 journal article written in English by Spinellis D., Louridas P. and published in Communications of the ACM.

[edit] Abstract

The fully recorded evolutionary development of Wikipedia's structure has allowed to examine the way existing articles foster development of new entries and links. The growth of Wikipedia is attributable to a mixture of technologies and a process of open participation. The key technology behind Wikipedia is that of a Wiki-online lightweight Web-based collaboration. Wikipedia content appears online as static HTML pages, though each such page includes an edit button anyone can use to modify its content. Existing research on Wikipedia employs descriptive, analytic, and empirical methodologies. A series of measurements has been published that identifies power laws in terms of number of distinct authors per article, articles edited per author, and ingoing, outgoing, and broken links. Wikipedia's incremental-growth model suggests that the processes discovered may continue to shape Wikipedia in the future.

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