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The Reengineering Wiki is a 2002 conference paper written in English by Arie van Deursen, Eelco Visser and published in CSMR.

[edit] Abstract

The reverse and reengineering research communities have a strong tradition of collecting, organizing, and unifying research results. Typical examples include an explicit taxonomy, dedicated web sites, an annotated bibliography, as well as efforts in exchange formats and tool evaluation. In this paper we describe and evaluate the use of a web authoring system to integrate such efforts. To that end, we propose the “Reengineering Wiki”, which uses Wiki technology to enable web site visitors themselves to maintain and organize pages devoted to their topics of interest. This paper covers web authoring criteria, an introduction to wiki technology, typical wiki usage, and an evaluation of wiki-based systems. Moreover, the paper discusses the organization and contents of the Reengineering Wiki, and concludes with an invitation to participate in the Reengineering Wiki project.

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