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Looking for genre: The use of structural features during search tasks with Wikipedia Clark M.
Ruthven I.
Holt P.O.
Song D.
IIiX 2012 - Proceedings 4th Information Interaction in Context Symposium: Behaviors, Interactions, Interfaces, Systems English 2012 This paper reports on our task-based observational, logged, questionnaire study and analysis of ocular behavior pertaining to the interaction of structural features of text in Wikipedia using eye tracking. We set natural and realistic tasks searching Wikipedia online focusing on examining which features and strategies (skimming or scanning) were the most important for the participants to complete their tasks. Our research, carried out on a group of 30 participants, highlighted their interactions with the structural areas within Wikipedia articles, the visual cues and features perceived during the searching of the Wiki text. We collected questionnaire and ocular behavior (fixation metrics) data to highlight the ways in which people view the features in the articles. We found that our participants' extensively interacted with layout features, such as tables, titles, bullet lists, contents lists, information boxes, and references. The eye tracking results showed that participants used the format and layout features and they also highlighted them as important. They were able to navigate to useful information consistently, and they were an effective means of locating relevant information for the completion of their tasks with some success. This work presents results which contribute to the long-term goals of studying the features for genre and theoretical perception research. Copyright 0 0
Em Busca Do “Artigo Perfeito”: O Ciclo de Vida dos Textos na Wikipédia Carlos Frederico de Brito d’Andréa Texto Livre: Linguagem e Tecnologia Portuguese 2009 This paper discusses how text edition in Wikipedia in Portuguese is both stimulated and controlled by internal rules. The stages of articles under constrution, from "stub" to "perfection", are guided by different processes of text editing, like Wikify, and protection, as Reverting and Deletion policy. 8 1
From zero to hero - Is the mobile phone a viable learning tool for Africa? Ford M.
Batchelor J.
IMSCI 2007 - International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics, Proceedings English 2007 In many countries mobile phones are being banned from schools amidst growing concerns regarding their inappropriate use during school hours. However, the mobile phone is the de-facto most important networked knowledge exchange technology used in Africa and the most powerful universally-accessible computing device in the hands of Africans. How do we change the perception of the mobile phone as a disruptive influence in schools to one where it can be used to pragmatically support the learning process? MobilED (Mobile EDucation) is a 3-year international collaborative project aimed at creating meaningful learning environments using mobile phone technologies and services. The MobilED project was initiated in South Africa and the first two pilots consisted of exploratory research into the use of mobile phones in an advantaged private school and in a poor government school in Tshwane, South Africa. This paper examines the viability of the mobile phone as a learning tool in schools in Africa by using the MobilED project as a case study. It discusses the current anti-mobile phone situation in many schools in South Africa and suggests possible strategies to harness the potential of the mobile phone in practical ways as a pedagogically-appropriate learning tool in schools in Africa. 0 0