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Talking physics in the social Web is a 2007 journal article by M Griffiths and published in Physics World.

[edit] Abstract

Web is becoming an interactive medium for communicating and accessing information among physicists. Web 2.0 is making it easier for people to create and share content, ranging from digital photos to entries in user-edited encyclopedias. Several science magazines and academic journals have set up blogs, featuring reports from conferences or updates on the latest science news. In addition, many professional physicists have blogs of their own. Physics blogs are starting to have a real impact on the way of communication among researchers. Physicians are using Wikipedia, which is almost as accurate as the Encyclopaedia Britannica. In addition to {WEb} 2.0, {MySpace,} a social networking site, also features social tagging and trust networks and allows each of its users to produce a personal homepage with photos and details of their likes and dislikes.

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