Supply chains under strain

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Supply chains under strain is a 2014 journal article written in English by Harris S. and published in Engineering and Technology.

[edit] Abstract

The article discusses how to tackle the impact of climate change on supply chain risk. Businesses and governments need to start planning for a world with a changed climate. In particular, industries dependent on food, water, energy or ecosystem services need to scrutinize the resilience and viability of their supply chains. The researchers' vision is for the website to eventually host data that cover hundreds of industrial sectors across individual states, provinces and cities, allowing users to track the flows of specific goods at a scale appropriate for the effects of natural disasters. For example, users could find out exactly how many batteries are shipped from Osaka to California, or investigate the impact of a flood in Bangalore on particular industries worldwide. This resource will soon serve as the 'Wikipedia' for supply chain information, and with this he intends to illustrate the potential impact of climate change to politicians and global businesses.

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