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Sumonta Kasemvilas is an author from United States.


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Design Mechanisms for MediaWiki to Support Collaborative Writing in a Mandatory Context Design
Information technology
Educational technology
English August 2011 Because MediaWiki is not appropriate for use in the classroom setting due to its decentralization, arbitrariness, and sharing, its flexible characteristics complicate concepts of practical design when applying MediaWiki in a mandatory writing context. This dissertation identifies a need to add extensions to facilitate increased accountability, project management, discussion, and awareness based on a theoretical framework, proposes MediaWiki with some modifications as an innovative way to optimize the strengths associated with constructivist learning and social presence, and examines the results of those changes. Relevant theoretical perspectives are used to contextualize the potential significance of additional extensions of MediaWiki. Three categories of mechanisms in MediaWiki—role, awareness, and project management—were newly developed in this research. They are designed to increase project control and accountability. Discussion, chat, text editor, and online notification extensions were also installed and customized to meet the needs of the students. Two case studies were conducted in two separate graduate classes to test the value of the extensions. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected and analyzed. Use of qualitative methods helps add texture to quantitative findings. The findings illustrate some potential impact for classroom use. Delineation of the results in Case Study 1 and Case Study 2 provides well-grounded rationale for why the proposed new MediaWiki mechanisms positively impact collaborative writing. By applying a set of extended features to MediaWiki, some problems were solved and others were mitigated, but other problems were not resolved and new problems emerged. Thus, this study articulates the benefits and the additional problems using MediaWiki and extensions and suggests ways to improve the group writing process. Using MediaWiki in academia needs appropriate governance and proper technology. The results potentially offer new teaching mechanisms for graduate students involved with collaborative writing. The study holds promise in improving collaborative efforts in mandatory group writing projects and discusses a way to facilitate collaborative writing in this context. Implications of this study can assist researchers and developers in understanding what effects the extensions have on users. 26 0
Enhanced mediawiki for collaborative writing in the web 2.0 era Collaborative authoring
Education technology
Group writing in higher education
Web 2.0
Proceedings of the International Conference on Electronic Business (ICEB) English 2011 The primary goal of this case study research is to investigate users' perceptions of the efficiency of MediaWiki used in the collaborative writing process for students in graduate classes. MediaWiki version 1.15.1 was used in this study. Two case studies were used to explore situations that were occurring as students used the MediaWiki instance. The results show that MediaWiki needs some additional features, such as chat, advanced text editor, and discussion to facilitate the collaborative writing process. 0 0
Design Alternatives for a MediaWiki to Support Collaborative Writing in Higher Education Classes Awareness
Collaborative authoring
Constructivist learning
Design science research
Talk page
Project management
Web 2.0
Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology English 2009 Constructivist learning mechanisms such as collaborative writing have emerged as a result of the development of Web 2.0 technologies. We define the term mandatory collaborative writing to describe a writing activity where the group has a firm deadline. Our study focuses on how a wiki can fully support mandatory group writing. The motivation of this design science research study emerges from a graduate Knowledge Management class assignment to write a wiki book. The project outcome shows that the wiki instance used for the project, MediaWiki, could better facilitate the process with a set of extensions that support discussion, evaluation, and project management. We outline designs for these mechanisms: 1) a discussion mechanism that changes the way users discuss content on a wiki page and increases group awareness; 2) an evaluation mechanism that provides a tool for the instructor to monitor and assess students’ performance; and 3) a project management tool that increases awareness of the status of each component of the writing project and provides an overall summary of the project. A demonstration of the principles to a focus group provided a basic proof of the validity of these mechanisms. 16 1