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Su White is an author.


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Velo: Riding the knowledge management wave for simulation and modeling Content management
Knowledge management
Scientific modeling
Proceedings - International Conference on Software Engineering English 2011 Modern scientific enterprises are inherently knowledge-intensive. In general, scientific studies in domains such as geosciences, climate, and biology require the acquisition and manipulation of large amounts of experimental and field data in order to create inputs for large-scale computational simulations. The results of these simulations must then be analyzed, leading to refinements of inputs and models and additional simulations. Further, these results must be managed and archived to provide justifications for regulatory decisions and publications that are based on these models. In this paper we introduce our Velo framework that is designed as a reusable, domain independent knowledge management infrastructure for modeling and simulation. Velo leverages, integrates, and extends open source collaborative and content management technologies to create a scalable and flexible core platform that can be tailored to specific scientific domains. We describe the architecture of Velo for managing and associating the various types of data that are used and created in modeling and simulation projects, as well as the framework for integrating domain-specific tools. To demonstrate a realization of Velo, we describe the Geologic Sequestration Software Suite (GS3) that has been developed to support geologic sequestration modeling. This provides a concrete example of the inherent extensibility and utility of our approach. Copyright 2011 ACM. 0 0
CAWS: An Awareness Based Wiki System to Improve Team Collaboration Collaboration
ICALT English 2008 Effective collaborative authoring techniques require tools that consider the social aspects of collaboration in addition to the technical aspects. Collaborative authoring is fundamentally different to individual writing because of the communications that must inevitably take place between team members. Despite the fact that collaborative authoring has greatly increased in popularity in recent years, most collaborative authoring efforts are performed using tools that are primarily designed for individual authors. The lack of regard for the collaborative process leads to a number of common problems.This paper presents research into the use of a prototype wiki-based system (CAWS) to more effectively support the collaborative process. The results of two field studies into the use of the system are examined, in order to investigate the effectiveness of the techniques employed by the tool. 0 2
CAWS: a wiki system to improve workspace awareness to advance effectiveness of co-authoring activities English 2007 Crucial to effective collaborative writing is knowledge of what other people are doing and have done, what meaningful changes are made to a document, who is editing each section of a document and why. This is because awareness of individual and group activities is critical to successful collaboration. This paper presents the problems that surround co-authoring activities, and the advantages of using CAWS are explained and compared with other implementation and techniques for collaborative authoring. This co-authoring wiki based system (CAWS), aims to improve workspace awareness in order to improve user.s response to the document development activit. 0 2