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Stefano Mizzaro is an author.


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Mobile information retrieval with search results clustering: Prototypes and evaluations Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 2009 Web searches from mobile devices such as {PDAs} and cell phones are becoming increasingly popular. However, the traditional list-based search interface paradigm does not scale well to mobile devices due to their inherent limitations. In this article, we invthe application of search results clustering, used with some success for desktop computer searches, to the mobile scenario. Building on {CREDO} {(Conceptual} Reorganization of Documents), a Web clustering engine based on concept lattices, we present imobile versions Credino and {SmartCREDO} , for {PDAs} and cell phones, respectively. Next, we evaluate the retrieval performance of the three prototype systems. We measure the effectiveness of their clustered results compared to a ranked list of results on a retrieval task, by means of the device-independent notion of subtopic reach time with a reusable test collection built from Wikipedia ambiguous entries. Then, we make a crosscomparison of methods (i.e., clustering and ranked list) and dev(i.e., desktop, {PDA,} and cell phone), using an interactive information-finding task performed by external participants. The main finding is that clustering engines are a viable complementary approach to plain search engines both for desktop and mobilsearches especially, but not only, for multitopic informational queries. 0 0
QuWi: Quality control in Wikipedia Quality control
WICOW'09 - Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Information Credibility on the Web, Co-located with WWW 2009 English 2009 We propose and evaluate QuWi (Quality in Wikipedia), a framework for quality control in Wikipedia. We build upon a previous proposal by Mizzaro [11], who proposed a method for substituting and/or complementing peer review in scholarly publishing. Since articles in Wikipedia are never finished, and their authors change continuously, we define a modified algorithm that takes into account the different domain, with particular attention to the fact that authors contribute identifiable pieces of information that can be further modified by other authors. The algorithm assigns quality scores to articles and contributors. The scores assigned to articles can be used, e.g., to let the reader understand how reliable are the articles he or she is looking at, or to help contributors in identifying low quality articles to be enhanced. The scores assigned to users measure the average quality of their contributions to Wikipedia and can be used, e.g., for conflict resolution policies based on the quality of involved users. Our proposed algorithm is experimentally evaluated by analyzing the obtained quality scores on articles for deletion and featured articles, also on six temporal Wikipedia snapshots. Preliminary results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm seems to appropriately identify high and low quality articles, and that high quality authors produce more long-lived contributions than low quality authors Copyright 200X ACM. 0 0
QuWi: quality control in Wikipedia QuWi
Quality control
WICOW English 2009 0 0