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Yu Suzuki
Name Yu Suzuki +
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Number of publications by author 3  +
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Assessing quality score of wikipedia articles using mutual evaluation of editors and texts + , Assessing quality values of Wikipedia articles using implicit positive and negative ratings + , Clustering editors of wikipedia by editor's biases + , Complementary information for Wikipedia by comparing multilingual articles + , Credibility Assessment Using Wikipedia for Messages on Social Network Services + , Effects of implicit positive ratings for quality assessment of Wikipedia articles + , Extracting complementary information from Wikipedia articles of different languages + , Extracting difference information from multilingual wikipedia + , Extracting lack of information on Wikipedia by comparing multilingual articles + , Gist of a Thread in Social Network Services Based on Credibility of Wikipedia + , Gist of a thread in social network services based on credibility of Wikipedia + , Good quality complementary information for multilingual Wikipedia + , Mutual Evaluation of Editors and Texts for Assessing Quality of Wikipedia Articles + , Mutual evaluation of editors and texts for assessing quality of Wikipedia articles + , QualityRank: Assessing quality of wikipedia articles by mutually evaluating editors and texts + , Segmentation of review texts by using thesaurus and corpus-based word similarity + Has author
Yu Suzuki + Name


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