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"Got You!": Automatic vandalism detection in wikipedia with web-based shallow syntactic-semantic modeling + , A wikipedia-based framework for collaborative semantic annotation + , Amplifying community content creation with mixed-initiative information extraction + , An analysis of systematic judging errors in information retrieval + , An exploration of discussion threads in social news sites: A case study of the Reddit community + , Analyzing user click paths in a Wikipedia navigation game + , Annotating and searching web tables using entities, types and relationships + , Automatic generation of topic pages using query-based aspect models + , BiCWS: Mining cognitive differences from bilingual web search results + , Building taxonomy of web search intents for name entity queries + , Classifying web pages by using knowledge bases for entity retrieval + , Combination of evidence for effective web search + , Compressed data structures for annotated web search + , Concordance-based entity-oriented search + , CrowdTiles: Presenting crowd-based information for event-driven information needs + , Diversifying web search results + , Easiest-first search: Towards comprehension-based web search + , Einstein: Physicist or vegetarian? Summarizing semantic type graphs for knowledge discovery + , Employing a domain specific ontology to perform semantic search + , Exploiting the category structure of Wikipedia for entity ranking + Has extra keyword


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