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Text processing
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A category-driven approach to deriving domain specific subset of Wikipedia + , A hybrid QA system with focused IR and automatic summarization for INEX 2011 + , A little known fact is... Answering other questions using interest-markers + , A multi-layer text classification framework based on two-level representation model + , A multilingual and multiplatform application for medicinal plants prescription from medical symptoms + , A new approach for Arabic text classification using Arabic field-association terms + , A new approach to detecting content anomalies in Wikipedia + , A new preprocessing phase for LSA-based Turkish text summarization + , A new text representation scheme combining Bag-of-Words and Bag-of-Concepts approaches for automatic text classification + , A portable multilingual medical directory by automatic categorization of wikipedia articles + , A quick tour of BabelNet 1.1 + , Adaptive ranking of search results by considering user's comprehension + , An empirical research on extracting relations from Wikipedia text + , Arabic text categorization based on arabic wikipedia + , Automatic taxonomy extraction in different languages using wikipedia and minimal language-specific information + , Boosting inductive transfer for text classification using Wikipedia + , BorderFlow: A local graph clustering algorithm for natural language processing + , Building a text classifier by a keyword and Wikipedia knowledge + , Centroid-based classification enhanced with Wikipedia + , Clasificación de textos en lenguaje natural usando la wikipedia + Has extra keyword
Creating categories for Wikipedia articles using self-organizing maps + , Interactive information retrieval algorithm for wikipedia articles + , Semantic processing of database textual attributes using Wikipedia + , The impact of wikipedia on scientific research + Has keyword


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