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Semantic relationships
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An exploratory study of navigating Wikipedia semantically: Model and application + , An online ontology: WiktionaryZ + , Automatic topic ontology construction using semantic relations from wordnet and wikipedia + , Effective tag recommendation system based on topic ontology using Wikipedia and WordNet + , Expanding approach to information retrieval using semantic similarity analysis based on wordnet and wikipedia + , Extracting semantic relationships between wikipedia categories + , FromWikipedia to semantic relationships: A semi-automated annotation approach? + , Graph-based domain-specific semantic relatedness from Wikipedia + , Group interests and their correlations mining based on Wikipedia + , Improving cross-document knowledge discovery using explicit semantic analysis + , Improving semi-supervised text classification by using wikipedia knowledge + , Improving text categorization with semantic knowledge in wikipedia + , Multi-view bootstrapping for relation extraction by exploring web features and linguistic features + , Semantic relationship discovery with wikipedia structure + , Thinkbase: A visual semantic Wiki + , Unsupervised feature weighting based on local feature relatedness + , WNavi s: Navigating Wikipedia semantically with an SNA-based summarization technique + , Yago: A core of semantic knowledge + Has extra keyword


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