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0-Step K-means for clustering Wikipedia search results + , A framework for personalized and collaborative clustering of search results + , A web 2.0 approach for organizing search results using Wikipedia + , Achieving high precisions with peer-to-peer is possible + , BiCWS: Mining cognitive differences from bilingual web search results + , Binrank: Scaling dynamic authority-based search using materialized subgraphs + , Caching search engine results over incremental indices + , Categorization of wikipedia articles with spectral clustering + , Categorizing search results using WordNet and Wikipedia + , ClusteringWiki: Personalized and collaborative clustering of search results + , Conceptual query expansion and visual search results exploration for Web image retrieval + , Crew: cross-modal resource searching by exploiting Wikipedia + , CrowdTiles: Presenting crowd-based information for event-driven information needs + , ESSE: Exploring mood on the web + , Easiest-first search: Towards comprehension-based web search + , Employing a domain specific ontology to perform semantic search + , Evaluating reranking methods based onlink co-occurrence and category in Wikipedia + , Evaluating reranking methods using wikipedia features + , Evaluating the trade-offs between diversity and precision for Web image search using concept-based query expansion + , Event-centric search and exploration in document collections + Has extra keyword


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