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Question answering systems
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A graph-based summarization system at QA@INEX track 2011 + , An unsupervised model of exploiting the web to answer definitional questions + , Are wikipedia resources useful for discovering answers to list questions within web snippets? + , Building a textual entailment system for the RTE3 competition. Application to a QA system + , Coreference resolution for questions and answer merging by validation + , Densification: Semantic document analysis using Wikipedia + , Filling the gaps among DBpedia multilingual chapters for question answering + , Leveraging community-built knowledge for type coercion in question answering + , Leveraging wikipedia characteristics for search and candidate generation in question answering + , LogAnswer in question answering forums + , Morpheus: A deep web question answering system + , Open domain question answering using Wikipedia-based knowledge model + , Priberam's question answering system in QA@CLEF 2007 + , Question classification - A semantic approach using wordnet and wikipedia + , Semantic extensions of the ephyra QA system for TREC 2007 + , Semantic full-text search with broccoli + , Surface language models for discovering temporally anchored definitions on the web: Producing chronologies as answers to definition questions + , The university of amsterdam's question answering system at QA@CLEF 2007 + , Using answer retrieval patterns to answer portuguese questions + , Using encyclopaedic knowledge for query classification + Has extra keyword
Question classification - A semantic approach using wordnet and wikipedia + Has keyword


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