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Online systems
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"What I know is...": Establishing credibility on wikipedia talk pages + , A bounded confidence approach to understanding user participation in peer production systems + , A conceptual and operational definition of 'social role' in online community + , A recommender system for wiki pages: Usage based rating approach + , A tale of information ethics and encyclopædias; Or, is Wikipedia just another internet scam? + , A war of words: An explosion of encyclopedias + , A web 2.0 based computer knowledge learning platform + , Active learning in computer science courses in higher EDUCATION + , An empirical study on faculty perceptions and teaching practices of wikipedia + , An exploratory study of navigating Wikipedia semantically: Model and application + , Analyzing design tradeoffs in large-scale socio-technical systems through simulation of dynamic collaboration patterns + , Applying Web 2.0 design principles in the design of cooperative applications + , Articulations of wikiwork: Uncovering valued work in wikipedia through barnstars + , Assessments in large- and small-scale wiki collaborative learning environments: Recommendations for educators and wiki designers + , Bumpy, caution with merging: An exploration of tagging in a geowiki + , Can I go out and play now? + , Casting a web of trust over Wikipedia: An interaction-based approach + , Collaboration by choice: Youth online creative collabs in Scratch + , Collaborative learning using Wiki and flexnetdiscuss: A pilot study + , Collaborative sensemaking during admin permission granting in Wikipedia + Has extra keyword


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