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A war of words: An explosion of encyclopedias + , An analysis of Open Content Systems + , An approach for using wikipedia to measure the flow of trends across countries + , An interactive semantic knowledge base unifying wikipedia and HowNet + , Cognitive biases - Improving project team's work + , Cross-language and cross-encyclopedia article linking using mixed-language topic model and hypernym translation + , Detecting Wikipedia vandalism with a contributing efficiency-based approach + , Disambiguation to Wikipedia: A language and domain independent approach + , Discussion about translation in Wikipedia + , Diversifying Query Suggestions by using Topics from Wikipedia + , EachWiki: Facilitating wiki authoring by annotation suggestion + , Empirical analysis of user participation in online communities: The case of Wikipedia + , Employee knowledge: Instantly searchable + , Enhancing relation extraction by eliciting selectional constraint features from Wikipedia + , Enterprise wiki application scenarios and their relation to user motivation + , Extracting event-related information from article updates in Wikipedia + , Extracting parallel sentences from comparable corpora using document level alignment + , Feature transformation method enhanced vandalism detection in wikipedia + , Finding relevant missing references in learning courses + , For your eyes only (and Anyone with an Internet Connection) + Has extra keyword
Creating dynamic wiki pages with section-tagging + Has keyword


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