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NAtural language processing
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3D Wikipedia: Using online text to automatically label and navigate reconstructed geometry + , A comparison of named entity recognition tools applied to biographical texts + , A graph-based summarization system at QA@INEX track 2011 + , A methodology based on commonsense knowledge and ontologies for the automatic classification of legal cases + , A statistical approach for automatic keyphrase extraction + , A virtual player for "who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" based on Question Answering + , An approach for restructuring text content + , An ontology-based approach for key phrase extraction + , Augmenting concept definition in gloss vector semantic relatedness measure using wikipedia articles + , Automated non-content word list generation using hLDA + , Automatic extraction of Polish language errors from text edition history + , Automatic theory generation from analyst text files using coherence networks + , BorderFlow: A local graph clustering algorithm for natural language processing + , COLLEAP - COntextual Language LEArning Pipeline + , Categorising social tags to improve folksonomy-based recommendations + , Clasificación de textos en lenguaje natural usando la wikipedia + , Collaborative knowledge discovery & marshalling for intelligence & security applications + , Collaboratively constructed knowledge repositories as a resource for domain independent concept extraction + , Determining leadership in contentious discussions + , Discovering stakeholders' interests in Wiki-based architectural documentation + Has extra keyword


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