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2Lip: The step towards the web3D + , A collaborative multilingual database project on aymara implemented in peru and bolivia + , A generic method for multi word extraction from wikipedia + , A machine learning approach to link prediction for interlinked documents + , A methodology for producing improved focused elements + , A recursive approach to entity ranking and list completion using entity determining terms, qualifiers and prominent n-grams + , Achieving high precisions with peer-to-peer is possible + , Adapting language modeling methods for expert search to rank wikipedia entities + , An exploration of learning to link with wikipedia: Features, methods and training collection + , An n-gram and initial description based approach for entity ranking track + , Biwiki-Using a business intelligence wiki to form a virtual community of practice for Portuguese master's students + , China physiome project: A comprehensive framework for anatomical and physiological databases from the China digital human and the visible rat + , Clustering XML documents using closed frequent subtrees: A structural similarity approach + , Clustering XML documents using frequent subtrees + , Collaborative hypervideo editing using MediaWiki + , Context based wikipedia linking + , Deep thought;web based system for managing and presentation of research and student projects + , Document clustering using incremental and pairwise approaches + , Dynamic element retrieval in the wikipedia collection + , ENSM-SE at INEX 2009: Scoring with proximity and semantic tag information + Has extra keyword


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