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A generalized flow-based method for analysis of implicit relationships on wikipedia + , A machine learning approach to link prediction for interlinked documents + , Agent for mining of significant concepts in DBpedia + , An automatic web site menu structure evaluation + , Analysis of implicit relations on wikipedia: Measuring strength through mining elucidatory objects + , Boosting cross-lingual knowledge linking via concept annotation + , Computing semantic relatedness using Wikipedia Link structure + , Document and query expansion models for blog distillation + , Enriching the crosslingual link structure of wikipedia - A classification-based approach + , Exploiting structure and content of Wikipedia for query expansion in the context of Question Answering + , Exploiting the category structure of Wikipedia for entity ranking + , Exploring the differences and similarities between hierarchical decentralized search and human navigation in information networks + , Eyes of a Wiki: Automated navigation map + , Image interpretation using large corpus: Wikipedia + , Linked open data: For NLP or by NLP? + , Meliorated approach for extracting Bilingual terminology from wikipedia + , Mining a multilingual association dictionary from Wikipedia for cross-language information retrieval + , Multi-view clustering via canonical correlation analysis + , Query processing for enterprise search with Wikipedia link structure + , Result diversity and entity ranking experiments: Anchors, links, text and Wikipedia + Has extra keyword
Exploiting the category structure of Wikipedia for entity ranking + Has keyword


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