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Learning systems
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"Post it notes": Students' perceptions on assessment and reflective learning in the foreign language learning process using wikis + , A machine learning approach to link prediction for interlinked documents + , A new approach to detecting content anomalies in Wikipedia + , A practice of the simple learning management system + , A statistical approach for automatic keyphrase extraction + , A wiki-based assessment system towards social-empowered collaborative learning environment + , An Empirical Exploration of Using Wiki in an English as a Second Language Course + , An empirical research on extracting relations from Wikipedia text + , An english-translated parallel corpus for the CJK wikipedia collections + , An exploration of learning to link with wikipedia: Features, methods and training collection + , Analyzing the effectiveness of collaborative condition monitoring using adaptive measure + , Application of social software in college education + , Arguments extracted from text in argument based machine learning: A case study + , Automatic assessment of document quality in web collaborative digital libraries + , Automatic extraction of useful facet hierarchies from text databases + , Boosting inductive transfer for text classification using Wikipedia + , Boot-strapping language identifiers for short colloquial postings + , Building a text classifier by a keyword and Wikipedia knowledge + , Building an online course based on semantic Wiki for hybrid learning + , Building collaborative capacities in learners: The M/cyclopedia project revisited + Has extra keyword


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