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International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Proceedings
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"More like these": Growing entity classes from seeds + , A framework for personalized and collaborative clustering of search results + , An index for efficient semantic full-text search + , Assessing quality score of wikipedia articles using mutual evaluation of editors and texts + , Assessing the relationship between context, user preferences, and content in search behaviour + , Automatic generation of topic pages using query-based aspect models + , Automatic link detection: A sequence labeling approach + , Automatically acquiring a semantic network of related concepts + , Automatically suggesting topics for augmenting text documents + , Automatically weighting tags in XML collection + , CE2 - Towards a large scale hybrid search engine with integrated ranking support + , Compact full-text indexing of versioned document collections + , Completing Wikipedia's hyperlink structure through dimensionality reduction + , Conceptualizing documents with wikipedia + , Design and Evaluation of an IR-Benchmark for SPARQL Queries with Fulltext Conditions + , Detecting controversy on the web + , Easiest-first search: Towards comprehension-based web search + , Editing knowledge resources: The wiki way + , Efficient Wikipedia-based semantic interpreter by exploiting top-k processing + , Efficient interactive query expansion with complete Search + Published in


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